At Anton Bruckner International School we believe that technology plays an important and integral role in supporting learning in all subject areas.  As part of the IB Programme, our children learn how to best use the vast amount of information that is available, while developing skills to critically evaluate the information they find.  During the Unit of Inquiry, children utilise technology to conduct research and present the findings in increasingly creative ways.  

The school makes use of laptops and iPads to collaborate in groups, in addition to a diverse set of Applications.  These include Google Classroom and GSuite for Education, several programming incubation initiatives like Scratch (developed by MIT), and many others.  Our MYP students also use laptops during Music Editing and Design subjects. From academic year 2019/20 all PYP classes will use iPads. MYP classes will have either iPad/laptops.

The key is to foster creativity and to learn to be responsible Net citizens that use technology as part of their daily lives.  We also use Audio/visual equipment (like Apple TV and projectors for our primary school classrooms, and interactive whiteboards for the middle years classrooms.