The PYPX (PYP Exhibition) is a unique feature of the IB. It is the culminating project of the Primary Years Programme and is a great example of the kind of learning that takes place at ABIS when students own their learning.

This year, under the umbrella central idea of “Small Actions Can Change the World”, our students inquired into a range of areas including animal breeding, bullying, global warming, veganism, therapy animals,and how athletes can influence the lives of others.

The PYPX is all about student voice, choice and ownership, of students taking responsibility for their learning. It’s about giving our eldest PYP students the opportunity to inquire and explore real issues that matter to them.

The process began about six weeks ago when our students self-selected an issue to investigate, engaging in collaborative, in-depth inquiry before creating their own central ideas and developing their own lines of inquiry.

With support from teachers and mentors, they have led themselves through the inquiry process, working incredibly hard to refine their knowledge, their skills and their understandings -  bringing it all together to share their journey and their learning.

It is a collaborative process, providing students with an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives; to synthesize and apply their learning of previous years; to reflect upon their journey; to provide an authentic process for assessing student understanding; to demonstrate how students can take action as a result of their learning; and to celebrate the transition of learners from primary to secondary education.

The students have worked with such commitment and focus over the last six weeks of their learning journey, the PYPX was really a chance to impress us with all they had learnt. And impress us they did:

- with their knowledge of their chosen areas of inquiry

- with their creativity in approaching the tasks

- with the confidence in which they presented

- and with their enthusiasm, which was infectious!

Thanks Grade 5!

Thanks also to all who visited to share and celebrate this great day with us.

Special thanks and congratulations must go to Ms Campbell and Mr Reither for guiding their students through this unique experience; and of course, a special “shout out” to all the mentors who gave up their time to help inspire and support the kids on this journey.


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