Arnold Schwarzenegger is onboard. Climate activist Greta Thunberg is onboard. The Federal President is onboard. And four students from Linz is getting onboard too.

(German Article from -Video included on their Website!

But Oscar, Alex, Meghan and Oakley want to complete the journey to the Climate Conference "Austrian World Summit" on Tuesday in the Hofburg without damage to the climate:

Therefore, the quartet at the age of 13 to 15 years, is traveling the 230 kilometers from Linz to Vienna together with Teacher Ben Lewis by traveling all the way by bike. They started on on the 25th of May. "We want to do something for the environment and send a message that we should do things differently" says Oscar. The 14-year-old had the idea and was the driving force behind the project. Thus, the four students also support the OÖN campaign "Schau auf Land".

The students who attend the Anton Bruckner International School organized the journey themselves - from finding accommodation and sponsors to creating their Instagram account. Every day, the four teenagers, their teacher and companion Michael Smogavetz cycle for 70 to 80 kilometers: "It will be exhausting, but we can do it," says Meghan. The resourceful teenagers have even managed to get free entry tickets for the conference from organizer Monika Langthaler. Their classmates will also come to Vienna for the conference with more conventional transport.



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