Humans are “designed” to move! Movement supports a child’s holistic development. Play allows us to discover new things about ourselves, take on different points of view, face different challenges and build resilience. Play allows us to step outside the ordinary and discover the extraordinary.

Movement Week was an introduction to new movement games and meaningful activities for an active and healthy lifestyle. It fostered the motivational climate to optimize student enjoyment and learning in PHE.

Through Movement Week we created and developed an environment which embraced and encouraged movement and gave students the chance to explore different activities and sports like badminton, parkour free running, hip hop, salsa, kung fu, acrobatics, and many more.

Throughout these activities there was a focus on collaboration and communication and working as a team to reach a common goal.

Finally, Movement Week at ABIS provided the opportunity to bring students of all ages together to strengthen the school community. Dancing and running together on the field every morning was a great way to start each day and the culminating “Field Day” showed how caring our students could be from MYP to PYP to ELC!

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