The next Open Day Date at ABIS is:


5th of March 2020 (8.45 – 10.35am)

You are welcome to visit our classrooms during those times.

The principal Ms Untersperger will be happy to answer any questions at 9.30 (hallway, 2nd floor).


We look forward to your visit!






The next Open Day Date at ABIS is:


5th of November 2019 (8.45 – 10.35am)


The principal Ms Untersperger will deliver a short overview presentation in our lunch room (1st floor) at 9.30. Afterwards you are welcome to visit our classrooms.


We look forward to your visit!

The PYPX (PYP Exhibition) is a unique feature of the IB. It is the culminating project of the Primary Years Programme and is a great example of the kind of learning that takes place at ABIS when students own their learning.

This year, under the umbrella central idea of “Small Actions Can Change the World”, our students inquired into a range of areas including animal breeding, bullying, global warming, veganism, therapy animals,and how athletes can influence the lives of others.

The PYPX is all about student voice, choice and ownership, of students taking responsibility for their learning. It’s about giving our eldest PYP students the opportunity to inquire and explore real issues that matter to them.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is onboard. Climate activist Greta Thunberg is onboard. The Federal President is onboard. And four students from Linz is getting onboard too.

(German Article from -Video included on their Website!

But Oscar, Alex, Meghan and Oakley want to complete the journey to the Climate Conference "Austrian World Summit" on Tuesday in the Hofburg without damage to the climate:

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ABIS students help Venezuela - Project on ORF


Grade 5 to 8 students took action after becoming aware of the current crisis in Venezuela. Our students sent video messages to students in Venezuela with words of encouragement and questions.

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Congratulations to Sophia Herler, Sara Bruckner, Juna Greifeneder, who represented ABIS in the 14th "Schülerolympiade" on Feb 4th, 2019! They made it to the third round (of four), which is quite fantastic!
90% of Upper Austria’s primary school 4th grades participated in this annual reading contest sponsored by the Raiffeisenbank, which is approximately 15.000 students. Once more ABIS students are proving that they are committed and motivated readers!

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