Service As Action is meaningful service to a community that is student-initiated and student-led.

This is not just a bake sale to raise money, but it involves in-depth research, the planning of an activity that is meaningful to them, and ultimately carrying out that activity.

There are three types of services:

  • Direct service: Student interaction involves people, the environment or animals. For example, this can appear as one-on-one tutoring, developing a garden in partnership with refugees, or working in an animal shelter.
  • Indirect service: Though students do not see the recipients of indirect service, they have verified their actions will benefit the community or environment. For example, this can appear as re-designing a non-profit organization’s website, writing original picture books to teach a language, or nurturing tree seedlings for planting.
  • Advocacy: Students speak on behalf of a cause or concern to promote action on an issue of public interest. For example, this may appear as initiating an awareness campaign on hunger, performing a play on replacing bullying with respect, or creating a video on sustainable water solutions. 

Service as Action in progress:

  • Emma and Fillipo in 8th Grade are working with a therapy dog in school. This is an example of direct service.
  • Dominik, Oakley and Nikita are teaching the 5th graders how to use Google Suite. This is an example of direct service.
  • Oscar, Ella and Alex are founding an after-school music club for younger students. This is an example of direct service.