“Oh, no! Another professional development day! Who will supervise my child?”

This comment rings in the breakroom in local business offices, across kitchen tables, and through grocery store aisles.

You as a parent expect your child to be in school and rely on schools not only for educating them, but also for providing a safe and dependable place for students to be each day.

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The ABIS teaching team is passionate about their work as educators and committed to ensuring each child can thrive and reach their full potential. Our teachers come from all over the world, from diverse countries and cultures, but what they share is their commitment to an inquiry based education and their strong focus on student well-being, complemented in the classroom by dynamic teaching practices.

Teaching an IB programme is a rewarding experience for every teacher, as they play a fundamental role in the creation of internationally minded, knowledgeable adults for the future. ABIS teachers are living, breathing embodiments of the IB pedagogy.

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